Pet portraits

I have undertaken animal portraits for clients recently. This process works best when I draw the animal from life.

What I produce is not a formal portrait, (which are usually produced from photographs) rather a selection of drawings which hopefully capture the animal’s profile, posture and personality. It may take several attempts to achieve this so I bring multiple sheets of paper. I may also need to return 2/3 times if I’m not satisfied with what I’ve produced.

I do occasionally create monoprint paintings from photographs if the client prefers this approach or if the pet has passed away.

We had a great experience working with Abel, he came to us to draw our beloved dog – not only did he provide a professional service but was also very affable and made our time together enjoyable. We love the artwork he produced, it’s unique to us and captured our dog beautifully. ” 
Ms Waters

Below is a selection of recent pet portraits, if you are interested in finding out more please contact me.